Eagle One Enterprise (EOE) is a full-serviced consultant, dedicating to many clients who have been working with us for years, among government agents, international development organization, international corporations and the business individual etc.


With our almost 10 years of being the effective bridge between Japanese and Vietnamese Investors, EOE has experienced in consulting a significant numerous projects between Vietnam and Japan.


Together with the new opportunity from Japan and Vietnam relationship are more and more increasingly close, beside the looking forward to create a base in Vietnam market for investors from Japan, EOE is keen to setup the entrusting place towards to join the economic community TPP and ATIGA by AFTA.
 私たちイーグルワンエンタープライズ(EOE)の「ベトナムビジネスコンサルティング(Business Development Advisory)」は、代表者中心の小規模組織ながらも250以上の法人様もしくはプロジェクトへの支援実績がございます。2016年3月よりスタートした「ベトナム特化M&Aアドバイザリー」は、1年目で3ディールを最終合意・クロージングし、2017年は新たに3ディールを進める速度で邁進しております。





Business Development Advisory



  • ベトナムビジネス総合コンサルティング

  • Business Development Advisory to Vietnam or to Japan

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M&A Advisory



  • ベトナムクロスボーダーM&A

  • Cross-Border M&A to Vietnam

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