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 私たちイーグルワンエンタープライズ(EOE)の「ベトナムビジネスコンサルティング(Business Development Advisory)」は、代表者中心の小規模組織ながらも大手企業を中心とした250以上の法人もしくはプロジェクトへの支援実績がございます。社内にベトナム人弁護士や会計資格者などを揃えると共に、ベトナムローカルの弁護士事務所、会計事務所、広告代理店、不動産仲介会社、各種金融機関など約50社と提携して独自のネットワークを形成しており、M&A Advisoryを始めとして、戦略的案件などあらゆる案件に対応できる体制を整えております。




Our EOE’s Business Development Advisory is a small organization but we have experience in supporting more than 250 corporations or projects in big companies and strong ability to utilize workflow efficiently to provide high quality services promptly. In addition to arranging Vietnamese lawyers and accounting qualified personnel in-house, we have formed a unique network in co-operation with about 50 companies including Vietnam Local Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Advertising Agencies, Real Estate Brokerage Companies and various Financial Institutions. We have established a department that can providing services including Strategic and M&A Advisory.


With the aim of creating a strong business model which is a combination of high experience and technology from Japanese market and fast developing market in Southeast Asia, while constructing a local network in the next 10 to 20 years, we will strategically conduct matching and dialogue with Japanese companies. Furthermore, we are aiming to be a partner who can maintain a long-term business relationship with our clients under fluctuating business environment and requirements.


We will work on projects in an enthusiastic and detailed way to satisfy clients with spirit to offer ordered-made services which make difference from big name consultants. Warm and tough guidance and encouragement as well as more patronage from clients will be our pleasure and honor.
Business Development Advisory

Business Development Advisory



  • ベトナムビジネス戦略コンサルティング

  • Business Development Advisory to Vietnam or to Japan

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M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory



  • ベトナムM&A

  • ベトナム不動産ソリューション(売買仲介含む)

  • M&A in Vietnam

  • Real Estate Solution in Vietnam (including Brokerage)

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